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Betrokken en zorgvuldig - Kennis maakt ons betervisual

Nu verschenen op de Nederlandse markt het internationaal chirurgisch leerboek:

“Surgery for Cochlear Implants and Other Auditory Implants”

over Cochleaire Implantatie en Auditory Implants van dr. Merkus, KNO-arts VUmc, i.s.m. Sanna, Free en Falcioni.


This book on cochlear implant surgery and surgery for other auditory implants is a comprehensive, high-level surgical atlas that offers an integrated approach of anatomy, imaging, technology, decision-making, surgical procedure described step-by-step, and surgical cases.

The book is intended for surgeons who are undergoing training for cochlear implant procedures and implantable auditory devices. It is also aimed at experienced surgeons who would like to expand their knowledge base, improve their skills and outcomes, and learn advanced surgical techniques. For example, the chapters on decision-making offer strategies to handle difficult cases; the many surgical cases included offer solutions for common and not so common intraoperative dilemmas.


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